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90体育比分:VOA流行美語 - Lesson 393 - stuck in a rut / someone's cup of tea


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Larry和李華星期六晚上待在家里,覺得有些無聊,他們會用到兩個常用語:stuck in a rut和someone's cup of tea.

LH: Larry, 好無聊啊! 你說干點什么好???

Larry: (Distracted) Huh? Uh, yea... that's nice, Lihua.

LH: 什么好好好? Larry! 你又在打電腦游戲啦?哎呀,不要玩兒了! (pulls the plug)

Larry: Hey! I was about to clear that level!

LH: 你每天晚上除了玩線上游戲就什么都不干了! 我們就不能出去轉轉,找點好玩的事情做嗎?

Larry: (Sigh) You're right, Lihua. We haven't really done anything new recently. I guess we've been stuck in a rut.

LH: In a rut? 什么意思?

Larry: Being stuck in a rut means to be stuck in a boring routine.

LH: To be stuck in a rut就是生活一成不變。那么,這個rut是什么意思呢?

Larry: A rut is what happens when a wheel rolls over the same place over and over again. Eventually, the wheel will dig a line, or a rut, in the ground.

LH: 我明白了,rut是車輪不斷壓過同一個地方后留下的印跡。我想,這就比喻一成不變的常規吧。Larry, 我們最近的確有些stuck in a rut,感覺有點平淡無味,你說這是怎么回事呢?

Larry: I'm not sure, Lihua, but we have been together for over a year now. It's relatively normal for couples to find themselves stuck in a rut after being together for awhile.

LH: ???你覺得是因為咱們在一起時間不算短了,所以生活就變得平平淡淡了?我覺得根本不是這樣,We're stuck in a rot because of that stupid computer game! 都怪你天天打線上游戲,不陪我!

Larry: I'll admit I like to play my games, but you remember what happened last weekend, right?

LH: 上個周末?怎么啦?

Larry: I wanted to take you out for a nice dinner, but you said you were too tired. We ended up staying home and watching TV all night!

LH: 還說請我吃頓好的?Larry, 你每次請我吃飯都是漢堡和薯條,連吃飯內容都一成不變,難怪我們會stuck in a rut!

Larry: Hmm... we need to find some new things to do that we both like. Otherwise, we might be stuck in this rut forever!

LH: 可不是嘛! 咱們好久沒有去打網球啦! 不如去打兩場吧!

Larry: Aw, you know tennis isn't my cup of tea, Lihua. And besides, it's been so hot out lately...

LH: Your cup of tea? 打網球還要喝茶?你不怕熱嗎?

Larry: I would drink water, of course! I said "playing tennis is not my cup of tea"...in other words, I don't really enjoy tennis.

LH: 哦,你說playing tennis is not your cup of tea, 意思就是說你不喜歡打網球。那你的cup of tea到底是什么呀?

Larry: I like swimming! How about we start going to the pool? It's always refreshing to take a dip in the pool on a hot day!

LH: 去游泳?可是,游泳不是我的cup of tea。我怕曬黑! Oh, I know! Why don't you take me to the ballet? 我們去看芭蕾舞表演吧!

Larry: The ballet? Uh, that's not my cup of tea, either. I never understood what's going on! It just looks like a bunch of people jumping around on stage, if you ask me.

LH: 你這人一點都不浪漫!

Larry: Being romantic was never my cup of tea, Lihua. Remember when I sent you flowers for your birthday?

LH: 記得!我生日你送玫瑰花給我,結果我花粉過敏,打了一天噴嚏!

Larry: Heheh. See? No wonder we're in a rut. I'm horrible at being romantic, and we can never agree on anything new to do. Tell you what - let me think about it some more while I finish this last boss in my video game...

LH: 不行! 你別想溜! Get us out of this rut, Larry! 要不你就別想玩兒電腦了!

Larry: Hmmm....

LH: 什么呀?你在想什么壞主意?

Larry: You want us to do something together, right? Our group could use another warrior...

LH: 你想讓我和你一起打線上游戲?我可不會! You know video games are not my cup of tea!

Larry: (Sigh). Well, I guess I'll go make myself a real cup of tea and go stare out the window for fun...

今天李華從Larry那兒學到兩個常用語,一個是to be stuck in a rut, 表示枯燥,一成不變。另一個是someone's cup of tea, 意思是某人有興趣干的事。

learning english is my cup of tea~~
playing basktball is my cup of tea.
Every day do the same work in the same place is to be stuck in a rut ,especially what you do now is not you cup of tea!
yeah ,learning English is my cup of tea,but everyday is tobe stuck in a rut,maybe a little sad!
I think that to be stuck in a rut means to follow the routine. To watch football match is not my cup of tea while dancing on the ground with others is my cup of tea.
Going shoping is not my cup of tea !
My life seems to be stuck in a rut now.
Play computer is my cup of tea .
Playing football is my cup of tea. i hate normal life because of stucking in a rut
Working in CFd is so boring that I am to be stuck in a rut especially the work is not my cup of tea and the bosses are fighting with each other!
I 've fed up stucking in the rut,watching basketball games is really not my cup of tea.
作者:all is well
a little
Go outdoors, do not stay at home all day, otherwise you will be stuck in a rut!
到處去游玩is my cup of tea
I don't want to be stuck in a rut. Let's go out and do something new.
I am a shopaholic doing shopping is my cup of tea.I loathe life to be stuck in a rut
I also find that I an stuck in the rut recently.Get up bed,eating breakfast,go to work……,Everyday has no news.
Doing sports actually is not my cup of tea before,but I fond it makes me stronger and more self-confident,I will insist to do it.
Watching football matches is my cup of tea.
every day working here is not my cup of tea,it just like a robot! it seems to be stuck in a rut forever.what's my cup of tea?singing,dancing,reading and lerning some what i like ,such as english.
haha stuck in a rut and a cup of my tea
watching TV in holiday is my cup of tea.i don't like stucking in a rut.
i am stuck in the rut ,but it is not my cup of tea!
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